Surround Yourself with Knowledge
Prof. Saurabh Bajaj
Founder and CEO

Training Sessions For Kids

Bhagvad Geeta for Kids:

Do you want your kids to be more responsible?
Do you want your kids to have a better value system (Sanskar)?
What's a better way to Learn it through Bhagavad Gita?
A Life-changing Session for every kid where we teach them Life Values so they can lead the right path for them.

Vedas for Kids:

Wish your kids Learn Vedas in School?? Well, now you don't have to wish!! Give your kids a new way of thinking through the Principles of the Vedas. We all have heard about Vedas and Shastras!! How about implementing these principles in our kid's life for better growth of them.

Trainings For Youngsters

Financial Planning for Youngsters:

It has been rightly said, The early you start, the more you create.
A Financial Planning Session for Youngsters so that they Create Wealth for themselves..

Main Bhi Smart Niveshak:

Interested in knowing and learning about the stock markets, IPOs, Gold Investment, and Crypto?
Here is your chance to attend 3 Days Training Program Session to enhance your knowledge.

Group Discussions:

Do you want to have a rocking performance in Group Discussion??
A knowledge circle can help you with the right knowledge and preparation for your group discussion.

CV Making:

The first impression is the last impression!! An effective well-drafted CV can help you to make a place in the crowd.
Your CV is your 1 Page summary, that can get you a call or put you on hold. We can help you build a strong CV to impress your potential employers.

Personal Interviews:

Preparing for Campus selection or Master's but facing nervousness for Interviews?
We can help you with a splendid performance in your Interviews.

Soft skills:

We can train you in many soft skills like Time-Management, Negotiation, Problem-Solving Skills, Leadership skills, etc.
Seven Steps to Wealth Creation
Want to Create Wealth but too bored to listen to jargons?
We made it interesting for you. Now, Learn about Investments and Wealth Creation from the help of 7 stories!!

Effective Communication Skills:

Communication is the key to success. We help you make your verbal and non-verbal communication more powerful and effective.

Business Coaching:

Finding challenges in business growth or not getting enough clients?
You can avail one-to-one Business coaching from our CEO, Prof. Saurabh Bajaj who has been giving coaching to many businessmen.

Trainings For Women

Laxmi for Gruh-Laxmi:

Are you a Homemaker and also running a small business from Home?
We will help you in planning your Money for better growth.

Become the CEO of your Life:

Are you in the age of 35 to 45 and struggling with a mid-life crisis?
then this training could be a life changer for you. Time to become the CEO of your Life and take charge of it.

Parenting Lessons from Ramayana and Mahabharata:

Want to Become a Friend of Your Child?
Learn to Nurture your child with the help of lessons from Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Trainings For Professionals And Businessmen

Business Coaching:

Finding challenges in business growth or not getting enough clients?? We got you covered.

Seven Steps to Wealth Creation:

Learn about Investments and Wealth Creation from the help of 7 stories!!

Personal Mentorship:

A mentor is someone who understands us more than us and can guide us in our business and other important matters.

Parenting Coach:

Do you want to have a compassionate bond with your child?? Do you want to become a friend of your child?
If you also want that Your child should listen and understand your things then a Parenting coach could be helpful.

Entrepreneurship Coach:

Want to become an entrepreneur but have a lot of questions like:
  a. Where to start?
  b. How to start and how to select the right field?
  c. What are my strengths?
And many more.
Prof. Bajaj can help you with these and many other questions that you may have.

Life Skills:

Want to grow more and more in Life but lack some skills Like Problem-Solving skills, Communication skills, and Personality Development?
Knowledge Circle will help you to acquire and enhance the same. then this training could be a life changer for you. Time to become the CEO of your Life and take charge of it..

Training Session on Insurance Demystified:

Too many Insurance Policies and Plans in your Portfolio and confused about which one to keep?
You can join the Insurance Demystified Training Session Where we help to bust the myths about Insurance and take informed decisions while buying Insurance.

How to Choose a Client?

Are your clients giving you stress? Are you Stuck asking clients for Payments and Follow-up?
This training can help you to choose the right clients for you.

Trainings For Investment Professionals

The Future Ready MFD:

How To Attract More and More Clients?
How to choose the right set of clients?
How to set the expectations right so that there is no friction later on?
How to Handle Objections before onboarding and after onboarding?
How to Go Almost fully paperless?
How to be ready for Competition?
How to combat Failing margins?
Are you struggling with these questions? Then this Training Session could be helpful to become Future-ready.

How to Become MFU Pro?

Finding difficulty in using MFU and still using AMCs Portal for Investment Management?
We got you covered. Learn and use MFU like a Pro and grow your business.

The Digital MFD:

Do you want to become a Brand?
We help you to become a Brand using Digital tools !!

Personal Mentorship Program:

As we all know the How Important role was played by Krishna to make Arjun win.
Similarly, A Mentor could help you to Win your Clients and make you successful in your growth Journey.

Brand MFD (Marketing And Branding Services For Small & Mid-Size Businesses)

Want to take your business to the next level?? We can help you build your brand digitally so that you go next level.
We have a service called Brand MFD.
Every month you will get:
  1. 15+ Images with your branding.
  2. Two Short Videos on Personal Finance with your Branding.
Kyun ki we believe "Brand Hai toh Business Hai"