Surround Yourself with Knowledge
Prof. Saurabh Bajaj
Founder and CEO

Emotional Intelligence

'Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognise that we have emotions, name them, and control them enough to enable us to choose how to behave'. - Daniel Goleman
We all are aware about IQ. But what matters more in professional as well as personal life, is your EQ. We help you develop your EQ so that your interpersonal skills improve and you develop as an individual.

Positive Attitude

They Say, “Half the battle is won when you fight it with a positive attitude.” We help you realise the importance of positive attitude and also help you to create a positive attitude with a 7-point agenda.

Communication Skills

Apart from all the other skills one possesses, communication skills has become one of the most important skills in almost every profession. Be it teachers, managers, team leaders, telecallers etc. everyone is expected to be equipped with excellent communication skills. We help you overcome the barriers in communication and develop your communication skills.

Body Language

We also send a lot of signals through our body language and at the same time we can read others' body language too. We help you to understand body language in a much efficient manner.

Effective Presentation Skills

“Presenting” it and “Effectively Presenting” it, marks the difference between, “We will get back to you” and “The Deal is yours”. We help you sharpen your presentation skills so that you make that killer and effective presentation for your audience.


You want your team to be motivated to work more efficiently. But don't know how to motivate them? We will train you with the tips and tricks required to keep your workforce / team motivated all the time.

Time Management

Time has become the rarest commodity these days. Everyone has everything except enough time. We help you manage your time in the most efficient manner so that you can get more time for yourself, without missing any deadlines and without stretching yourself too hard.


For moving up in life, one needs to possess leadership skills so that he / she can lead and manage the team well. We help you develop your leadership skills by making you focus on your own strengths.

Team Building

In today's world, it's not enough to be a good performer. You also have to be a good team player. We help you develop your team building skills so that you become a great team player and can build your own team.

Stress Management

Intense Competition and Pressurizing deadlines have resulted in a stressful life for most of us. We help you to first understand, what are you stressed about ? Once you understand the same, how to overcome this stress and make it act as positive booster to you.

Group Discussions

Almost every selection process involves a group discussion, in which candidates are expected to excel. We take you through the various nuances of group discussions so that you can sail through them smoothly.

Personal Interviews

Interviews are one of those areas where the most experienced people also look for practice. Be it a job interview or an entrance exam interview, we help you reduce your stress and make you so prepared that you can crack the interview.

CV Making

Your CV is the first snapshot of your profile for the recruiter. The more professional the CV, higher the chances of getting a call. We help you design your CV in the most professional manner.

Selling Techniques

No business can ever be successful without making Sales. If you are in the sales team, we can help you gather more tips and tricks to convert your prospects into sales, without using unethical practices.

Negotiation Skills

The Art of negotiation lies in making both the parties believe that they have got larger piece of the cake. We help you focus on various techniques so that you can negotiate better.

Goal Setting

Without goals, you cannot plan and without planning you cannot win. So We help you to identify your goals first, so that you can chalk your own path to success.